About Us

Our Story

ACD Energy has started to operate in 2013. Its core activities were composed of food, energy, and R&D. On the other hand, MFL Engineering, established in 2015, has become Turkey’s one of the best company by carrying out many projects successfully in the field of electric energy generation from solar power.

In 2016, ACD Energy and MFL Engineering have merged and constituted Solis Engineering by combining their core activities. Over the years, Solis Engineering has grown fast thanks to dense operations in solar power projects and become Turkey’s one of the best company in this field. While Solis Engineering is constructing area building activities, it also started to set up many solar power plants with its capable staff. Its operations take place in Turkey, as well as in other Middle Eastern countries.

Solis Engineering, which has R&D projects in electricity and energy sector, has developed important projects to reduce carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency and has started to turn these projects into investment.

In addition to these, Solis Engineering, which is being active in production, is growing rapidly by making various collaborations in electronic and medical field.

Solis Engineering, which is engaged in commercial activities internationally in a wide range of markets such as food, medical, petroleum and mineral products, aims to be one of the important companies exporting in Turkey in a short period of time. Solis Engineering, acting with a cleaner world policy, contributes to recycling activities in Turkey.


To lead our industry with innovative practices and to offer competitive solutions with projects we have developed internationally.


To be an environmentally friendly and a pioneering company that has high performance standards in engineering and energy sector.


To be honest, transparent, ethical, respectful to people, sensitive to environment, creative, innovative, customer oriented, supporting the development of employees, giving importance to team work, mutual love and respect.